Two joggers were assaulted by groups of teenagers in Brooklyn Bridge Park on Monday night, and community members say they're concerned that security in the area has decreased since the end of the summer.

The NY Post reports that a 32-year-old woman was jogging in the park near Pier 2 at around 8:20 p.m. on Monday when an unidentified teenager, joined by others, tried to grab her. "I pulled back and ran away,” she told the tabloid. “I tried to find security but couldn’t locate ­anyone.”

Ten minutes later, a 39-year-old woman was jogging in the park near Furman Street when she was attacked by a group of teenagers and punched in the head, after they demanded she give them money.

An NYPD spokesperson confirmed the latter incident to Gothamist, but was unable to provide any information regarding the first. No arrests have been made.

One unnamed "security enforcement officer" tells the Post there are fewer Parks Enforcement Police stationed around the park now that summer has ended, which worries local residents. "Crime isn’t seasonal,” one resident told the tabloid.

In April, Pier 2 was evacuated following reports of gunfire. One witness told us, "A group of thirty kids were fired upon near Pier 2. Lots of cops and one ambulance on the scene. One young looking kid was in handcuffs."

Neither the Parks Department nor the Brooklyn Bridge Park Conservancy responded to request for comment.