Bad news for Fernando Ferrer: He's trailing Mayor Bloomberg by a whopping 31 points according to a Quinnipiac poll. And this poll, unlike earlier ones where Bloomberg enjoyed a 27 point lead, is after fears about the subway terror threat on October 7, which might mean that New Yorkers, despite their grousing, might really love Mayor Bloomberg! The Mayor introduced a new health plan to insure children, which Ferrer's campaign says is the second instance of the Mayor copying Freddy's promises. "Plagiarism," the Ferrer campaign slinged as he campaign with John Kerry on the Lower East Side. More shockingly, it seems that some of the diners at the Harlem International House of Pancakes (where the Mayor previously served diners) when Mayor B got an endorsement from Reverend Calvin Butts were actually Bloomberg volunteers. It's Flapjackgate!

In other mayoral race news: The NY Times on how the conservative Manhattan Institute has been shut out of the Bloomberg administration and Gotham Gazaette on how the NY Times' Arts & Leisure love-in about Bloomberg's support of the arts neglected to get quotes from the city's arts advocates. Plus, the Daily News' Juan Gonzalez has an editorial about the hope Ferrer inspires.