Two United Parcel Service drivers and another man were arrested by narcotics police this week when they were caught delivering 30 pounds of marijuana in Brooklyn. Police were tipped off by another UPS employee on Thursday around 5:30 a.m. that a package containing three 5 gallon buckets of pot had been placed in a UPS truck—it seems there is no honor among UPS workers.

Cops followed UPS driver Alexis Herv, who was joined by off-duty driver Ruben Jordan, as they met the third suspect, Donovan Hyde, who was waiting in a parked Chrysler minivan. Police observed them unloading the buckets, as well as a cardboard box filled with pot, into the van before arresting the three. Herv, who lives in Pennsylvania, and Jordan, who lives in Brooklyn, were charged with criminal sale and criminal possession of marijuana. Hyde was charged with marijuana possession.

In the last year, there have been a spate of allegedly random marijuana deliveries around the East Coast, including undesired visits by the Marijuana Fairy to the dentist "King of Chinatown" and a straight-shooting Westchester resident. There was also the not-so-mysterious weed van roaming around the city selling "pot pops," but there was certainly nothing accidental about that.