We already knew that certain TSA agents are adept at copping a feel off of passengers in the guise of safety pat-downs; but now it turns out that some of them are actually doing the regular-old kind of stealing! Two TSA agents at JFK airport were busted today, and accused of stealing $160,000 in cash from the checked bags of unsuspecting passengers. Will we ever trust TSA agents again?

Davon Webb and Coumar Persad allegedly admitted to the thefts after they were taken into custody this afternoon. The investigation started only a few weeks ago, after $39,000 was stolen from a passenger on his way to Argentina on Jan. 30. The money was later found in their homes. According to investigators, the agents worked as a team—one would watch for money in bags as they were screened, and would notify the other. Then one would swipe the money once the luggage was placed in a baggage room.

The men, one of whom has worked for the TSA for 9 years, the other for 7, will be charged with grand larceny, possession of stolen property and official misconduct. Persad, who turned 36 today, got to celebrate with a hoody draped over his head and reporters taking pictures of his perp walk. Since the bad news was pouring out today, TSA also took this opportunity to mention that at least five security lapses have taken place at Newark Airport within the past month, including a knife inside a carry-on getting past authorities.