2006_11_howardbeach.jpgLast week, the body of a missing Queens man was found in his Howard Beach home, and now the police have arrested two 17 year olds for his murder. Billy Ray Staton and Alex Brown allegedly confessed to beating John Canora beyond recognition with a bat and fire extinguisher and leaving him in his basement's drainage ditch. The two say that Canora hired them to do odd jobs around the house. One evening, the three smoked pot and watched porn films. When Canora made an unwanted advance, Staton and Brown attacked him. They left with two of Canora's cars and some porn films.

It was previously reported that prior to discovering the murder, the police stopped one of stolen cars but didn't make an arrest because they couldn't contact Canora. The Daily News says that "information obtained at the stop proved to be 'a big break.'"