2006_07_genesis.jpgTwo teenagers were arrested in connection to 11 year old Genesis Regalado's death on a Queens street Monday night. Genesis had been playing at a fire hydrant across from her house with other people when Jeffrey Matista allegedly fired at another teenager but shot Genesis in the head. The Post says a gang war over turf prompted the shooting - the 99th Street Gang versus the Calloway Street Boys. The Daily News says Matista and members of a rival gang had argued at a Chinese restaurant, and when the rival gang members sat near the fire hydrant to eat, Matista opened fire. Illoy Espinal, who had argued with Matista, told the Daily News the spat was "over something stupid. They was just grilling us and talking s--t. When someone's grilling you, you tell them, 'What the f--k you looking at?' We told them, 'You want to do this, do it like a man. Do it one and one.' I didn't pay attention to them. They were 15- and 16-year-old kids."

Matista had flown to the Dominican Republic, but the Dominican police returned him to New York. His getaway driver, Joey Diaz, was also taken in for questioning. Genesis, who died in her brother's arms, was going to start the seventh grade this fall.