Two men suspected of being involved in the fatal shooting of one-year-old Antiq Hennis in Brownsville earlier this week were arrested in Pennsylvania this morning, and cops say they believe one of the men in custody was the gunmen responsible for the baby's death.

Daquan Wright, 19, and Daquan Breland, 23, were taken into custody at around 7:30 a.m. this morning, after cops tracked them to Wilkes Barre, Pa. Though Breland's involvement in the shooting is not immediately clear, Wright is suspected of firing the bullet that struck Antiq in the left side of his skull and killing him; authorities believe the suspect was aiming for Antiq's father, 21-year-old Anthony Hennis.

Antiq was killed in his stroller Sunday evening, while his father walked with him near Bristol Street and Livonia Avenue. Cops say Anthony Hennis is a gang member with a long rap sheet, and was likely involved in a gang-related dispute with the alleged shooter. Hennis has not been cooperative with the NYPD's investigation into his son's death. The 16-month-old's funeral will be held tonight at Grace Funeral Chapels in East New York.