Two tenants who refused to move out of their apartment in a 10th Avenue townhouse in Manhattan hit pay dirt last year when developer Tishman Speyer agreed to pay them $25 million to scram. The pair, Gary Schwedock, 58, and Steven Kobrick, 36, had been living in the footprint of the Hudson Yards mega-development, and the number crunchers at Tishman Speyer determined that it would make better economic sense to pay them off than to spend years in court battling their lawyer, David Rozenholc.

Tishman Speyer bought the townhouse at 10th and W. 35th Street as part of a $438 million acquisition on that block, with $3 billion lined up to build office towers there. From the sounds of it, Schwedock and Kobrick shouldn't have had a legal leg to stand on. Their building was too small to be rent-stabilized, but Rozenholc—you may remember him from the $17 million buyout at the Mayflower Hotelargued that their building and the building next door should be considered together, as one rent-stabilized whole. He lost, but the specter of dealing with further appeals was enough to persuade Tishman to settle.

"He's the most feared tenant attorney with respect to development sites," developer Ben Shaoul told Crain's New York Business. "I don't think he has ever lost a case."

As Rozenholc told the publication, even "if [the developer] wins every step of the way, it will take them five years."

Rozenholc got a third of the $25 million, and Schwedock and Kobrick are reportedly sitting pretty with the rest—according to the New York Post, their new home is a penthouse apartment in Riverbank West, a doorman building on W. 46th Street with a pool and a roof deck. Schwedock told a Post reporter he was barred by the terms of the settlement from talking about his recent money shower.

The starting price for prospective condo buyers on Hudson Yards' website is less than $2 million for those who have, you know, enough for a $1.5 million studio right now, and goes up to over $20 million. Also, Tishman Speyer owns the Chrysler Building, Rockefeller Center, and an office tower over Grand Central Terminal.