A little respite in the snow before we jump into the heat. Cooled off? Okay, here are some 100 degree fun facts. Including yesterday, the temperature in Central Park has reached the century mark 56 times since 1870. The earliest in the year it has reached 100 is June 26th and the latest is September 7th. The most popular 100-degree day is July 21st, which has seen that temperature six times. Only three days since 1870 have been warmer than yesterday.

It's 97 at noon so there's a good chance we'll see a hundred again today. Or will we? There's also a nice little battle playing out where subsidence in the upper level ridge is fighting off convective heating. If the heating wins there may be enough cloud cover to put a cap on the temperature and there might be an isolated shower or two across the region this afternoon. Whether or not we get up to triple digits we still have an air quality alert and a heat advisory in effect so be careful out there.

Somewhat cooler, although more humid, conditions should arrive tomorrow as the wind starts blowing off the ocean. In this case cooler means highs around 90 degrees away from the water and upper 80s close to the shore. Even though it will be cooler the added humidity will push conditions close to heat advisory levels. There will again be a slight chance of rain. A better chance of rain will occur on Saturday ahead of a weak cold front.