Hotel Chelsea Rain by lensjockey on Flickr

What a freakin' mess! A one-two punch of storms will bring heavy rain to the city through tomorrow and likely into Sunday. The rain will make it difficult to play a game tonight at Shea. Conditions are looking only slightly better for tomorrow night. Triple-header Sunday!

This morning's rain is from moist air being blown northward from a pseudo-nor'easter-type-storm over South Carolina. The storm remains far away but air circulating around it has made it up here, running over a cold front and dropping all the rain in the process. 2.5 inches of rain since last night. Don't be fooled by a mid-day ">break in the rain. Lots more is in store later today. Today's high will only reach the mid 60s.

The second character in this weekend's weather drama is Tropical Storm Kyle. Kyle, which wasn't expected to be a tropical storm just a couple of days ago, will run up the coast tomorrow, possibly at hurricane strength. Kyle's path is still uncertain but the best guess is that the eye of the storm will pass east of Cape Cod.

That's far enough east that the city would only be brushed by rain under most conditions. But, during the dark and stormy night tonight a sinister character, Mr. Upper Level Jet, enters the picture. Being tropical, Kyle will push lots of warm, moist air northward, warming us to the mid 70s. Mr. U.L.J. will stop twirling his handlebar moustache long enough to take that tropical air and yank it upwards, most likely unleashing craploads of rain, tons of flood advisories, and quite possibly the hounds of hell. We can expect 3-5 more inches of rain, and an inch or two more on Long Island, over the weekend. Most of that rain will fall between tonight and tomorrow night but it could well linger through Sunday.