Two Staten Island men were arrested for allegedly attacking a man at the legendary Stonewall Inn in Greenwich Village. According to the Post:

[E]arly Sunday morning, a 34-year-old man was standing at a urinal of the Christopher Street bar when a young man approached him and asked if he was gay, law-enforcement sources said.

The man laughed, and replied, "This is the Stonewall, it's a gay bar," sources said.

The other men then asked for a dollar, and then $20 dollar when the victim refused to give him any money. At that point the man and another young man in the bathroom then pounced on the victim, punching him and tackling him.

"We don't like gay bars, and we don't piss next to f---ts," the thug said.

Matthew Francis, 21, and Christopher Orlando, 17, are awaiting arraignment on charges of robbery and assault as a hate crime. The Manhattan DA's office is handling this incident and another attack as hate crime incidents. The second attack occurred in Chelsea: 20-year-old Andrew Jackson allegedly yelled, "Go home f----ts, this is our neighborhood" to two men who were kissing at West 25th Street and Ninth Avenue on Friday night and the Daily News reports he and others "punched the victims, breaking one's nose and leaving the other with cut head."