Two men were shot in the torso at a Bayside house party early Sunday morning, near the basement entrance of a four-bedroom mansion that the host had rented out on Airbnb for the occasion.

According to the NYPD, the shooting took place shortly after midnight on Sunday morning at 214-45 28th Avenue near 213th Street in residential Bayside. Two men, ages 27 and 23, were transported to area hospitals with gunshot wounds to the torso. The Daily News has since identified the victims as Tyree Walker, 27, and Shaun Lee, 23. While Walker was in critical condition in the aftermath of the shooting and underwent emergency surgery, both men are expected to survive.

"My best friend got shot," a guest told the Post."There was a lot of commotion. I didn't even see a gun flash."

A man who identified himself as Joel told the News that he rented the Bayside mansion on Airbnb, and posted an invitation to a birthday party at the address on Instagram. A neighbor told the tabloid that the owner of the home, identified on her since-deleated Airbnb listing as "Shahnaz," had been going through a "rough patch" with her husband, who was traveling outside of the country this weekend.

The Post reports that Rafiq and Shahnaz Bhuiya bought the 4,600-square-foot home in 2006, for $1.78 million.

The Bhuiya's Airbnb listing reportedly offered the entire house for $2,500 a week, or $7,000 a month, and included a no-shoes policy. According to the Post, NYPD sources said the party host rented the home for $1,000 for Saturday night alone. The listing reportedly mentioned a "Spacious Party Basement w/ Backyard.”

According to one party guest, the host hired security guards for crowd control on Saturday night, and charged between $15-25 for entry.

While Airbnb's Responsible Hosting page includes suggestions for being a "mindful" neighbor, it does not explicitly prohibit parties. Rather, from the "Noise" section:

Remind guests about keeping noise down. You may want to consider whether you allow babies, pets, or parties. Develop a policy about guests inviting other people over, and ensure your guests are clear about your 'party policy.'

No arrests have been made as of this morning, and an investigation into the shooting is ongoing. Three others were shot in separate incidents in Brooklyn and Manhattan on Saturday night.

Airbnb spokesman Nick Papas said, "We were deeply distressed to learn about this incident and our thoughts are with the victims and their families. We are in close contact with the host to provide her with our support. We have reached out to the NYPD and offered to assist them in any way possible."

Papas went on to emphasize that, for Airbnb, this sort of incident is "extremely rare." As proof, he pointed out that 91% of Airbnb bookings worldwide are for four or fewer guests.