Two hit-and-run incidents in Brooklyn and Queens have left two men dead this weekend. The Brooklyn accident was in the Carnarsie section - stolen car chase/drag race, where the cars' speeds were around 70-80 MPH, resulted in a man riding a mountain bike on Avenue L getting hit. A witness told the NY Post that the stolen car dragged the bike for a while and another witness said, "The guy went up in the air, and the bike went up in the air, and the bike came down and smashed the whole windshield." The biker did not an identification on him, and the stolen Ford Probe was abandoned (the other car was driven by a friend, and police believe the Probe's driver left in the friend's car).

And father of five, Leopolio Ramirez, was killed when his friend "playfully pushed him" onto 42nd Avenue in Corona, according to the Daily News. On early Sunday morning, Ramirez was hit and then dragged by the car for 200 feet, with the car leaving the scene. His friends say that Ramirez was from Chicago, but in New York to work on a construction project.