Yesterday afternoon, a 51 year old Bronx woman was fatally hit by a city bus. Rachel Levy had been crossing a road near the Henry Hudson Parkway around West 236th Street. The bus driver didn't realize someone was hit and didn't stop; the driver was not charged.

And on Friday morning, 33 year old kidney surgeon Lawrence Yoo was hit by a bus at Ninth Avenue and 39th Street in Manhattan. Yoo, who was headed to work at NYU Medical Center, suffered a fractured pelvis, ribs, and wrist and is in stable condition. In this case, the bus (it's unknown who the agency or operator that owns it is; Yoo's family says it's either a city or NJ Transit bus that entered the Lincoln Tunnel) did not stop. Yoo's wife told the Post, "All the police did was write up a report. There are almost no details at this point - only what my husband remembers, which isn't very much." The police did assign a detective, but if the police aren't taking calls in a fatal hit-and-run, who knows if they'll get to it.