Early this morning, two police officers pulled over a BMW X5 SUV with stolen plates at the Lefferts and Rogers Avenue in Crown Heights. The driver or a passenger shot at the cops, and WNBC reports that 23-year-old police officer Russel Timoshenko (was hit twice in the face while 26-year-old police officer Herman Yan was shot in his bullet-proof vest and arm. Yan fired back and radioed for help.

Timoshenko and Yan were taken to Kings County Hospital, where Timoshenko is "clinging to life." WABC reported, "Weeping family members could be seen arriving at the hospital this morning." Mayor Bloomberg said, "Two partners who set out this midnight to keep us safe were shot were helping deliver the ever low crime rate that makes life as we know it in New York possible. One will recover and one is clinging to life." Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said, "Officer Timoshenko sustained bullet wounds as the mayor said to the face and the neck. He is in extremely critical condition. Officer Yan was hit in the chest and the left forearm. We have every reason to believe that his life was saved by his bulletproof vest." Kelly added, "There was no exchange of words. They had not gotten to driver's side or passenger side window when shots rang out."

Police are looking for the two suspects. Police found the car at Kingston and Lefferts Avenue; there are police helicopters monitoring the area.