102808cpr.jpgTwo female NYPD cops accused of brutally beating a man during a road rage incident in August were indicted today by a Bronx grand jury. You'll recall the charges stem from an altercation between officers Michelle Anglin and Kollen Robinson—who were off-duty at the time—and Marlon Smith, who mouthed off to the pair after they yelled at him to shut his car door so they could pass by in Robinson's SUV. F-bombs ensued, followed by a pistol-whipping. When Smith tried to shut his door to drive away, Anglin allegedly blasted him with pepper spray, yelling, "Do you know who you are f------ with? We are the police!"And it emerged today that they're also accused of beating a witness with a baton when he tried to break up the fight. The cops face up to 15 years in prison if convicted of the more serious assault charge.