2007_01_oneline.jpgGothamist has received a report that two people were struck by a downtown 1 train at the 137th Street-City College station this afternoon. Because of this, there are currently delays with the downtown 1 line suspended from 168th Street to 96th Street at this time.

While we're still waiting for more details, preliminary reports say that the two victims have been extracted from underneath the train and are alive. The report also says one person was struck or fell onto the tracks with the 2nd person going down to help the 1st person.

We'll update the story as we get more information. Would you help another subway passenger if you were in the same situation?

Update:WNBC reports that one passenger was removed with no injuries and the other with minor injuries. There are now residual delays in service on the 1.

Update: ABC's report fills in a lot of missing details, which makes the story even more amazing. After 18 year-old Cameron Hollowpeter fell onto the tracks after suffering a seizure, Wesley Autrey jumped onto the tracks in an attempt to rescue Hollowpeter. From WABC, "Autrey reportedly leaped into the trench to get Hollowpeter off the tracks. Officials say when he was unable to get him off the tracks in time, the hero covered the victim with his body, and a subway train rolled over them both." Autrey told WABC that he should not be considered a hero and that he was just using his military training.