2006_10_mvamap.jpgYesterday afternoon, two people were killed by vehicles in two separate accidents in the same neighborhood. Sixty-six year old Josh Evans slipped on a cardboard box at the corner of Broadway and West 73rd Street and was crushed by the rear of a M104 city bus at 4:10PM. The bus reportedly had a green light and the driver was not issued a summons.

Then at 5:49PM, a woman crossing Amsterdam at West 74th Street was hit by a tractor-trailer. The tractor-trailer had the green light, but the Daily News reports that a witness to the second incident said the tractor-trailer driver "had time to stop before he hit the woman" (but it's unclear whether he saw the woman). And witnesses told Fox 5 News that the woman was crossing against the light and was talking on a cellphone at the time.