2008_10_sofabed.jpgThe NY Times examines the phenomenon of more Manhattan families who opt to stay in cramped apartments, instead of moving to bigger homes in the 'burbs. One example is a internist and a labor nurse (plus two kids) living in a $3,995/month Greenwich Village rental--though spacious, there's a "queen-size bed, a crib, a toddler bed and a dresser" wedged in the sole bedroom. Then there's a Lower East Side couple who gave up their bedroom for their two kids (the couple sleeps in a former closet). Census data says there are more white, white-collar families living in one bedroom apartments; Queens College demographer Andrew Beveridge explains, "Oftentimes both parents are working and have lives in the city and don’t want to commute in and then worry about having to get back home. There is a much bigger traction to city life.”