Two rookie cops stumbled upon $667,000 worth of cocaine thanks to a nervous drug courier. As the officers approached the corner of West 190th Street and St. Nicholas Avenue in Fort George, 29-year-old Jose Milan dropped two duffel bags and walked away. "They opened the bags and they see bricks of cocaine," a source tells the Daily News. "He goes to run and they grab him." However, if the officers weren't in uniform, they may have just been another victim of the NYPD's very own Lucky Bag sting.

Milan, who lives in the Bronx, was charged with possession, and authorities believe he was a courier on his way to drop the cocaine off. For some perspective on how rare this is, it took police in Queens six months to seize $107K worth of drugs. The two officers will return to their beat as soon as they're done buying lottery tickets for everyone in the department.