Two motorcyclists were killed early Friday morning after one driver lost control and slammed into the other at a stoplight in Brooklyn. The accident happened around 3:20 a.m. this morning at the intersection of Halsey Street and Wilson Avenue in Bushwick. “He was doing a motorcycle pop-a-wheelie and he hit the other bike from behind," eyewitness Dioniso Munez told the News. "I saw him pop the wheelie and then all of a sudden, he was under my car, it was really quick."

According to police, the first motorcyclist was stopped at a red light heading southbound on Halsey Street. The 45-year-old other motorcyclist hit him from behind, and both men were thrown off their bikes and into the intersection. Munez added that one of the bikes caught fire when they collided: "He came sliding through the intersection on fire. I saw flames coming out," he said.

There was a third person involved in the accident on one of the bikes (though it's not clear which one). That person had minor injuries, but was too distraught to speak to reporters.