The Brooklyn DA's office announced the indictments of two men accused of involvement in the fatal shooting of a baby in a stroller being walked by his father. Daquan Breland, 23, was indicted on charges of murder in the second degree and two counts of criminal possession of a weapon, while Daquan Wright was indicted on two counts of criminal possession of a weapon.

Anthony Hennis had been pushing his son, 16-month-old Antiq, near 350 Bristol Street in Brownsville one night earlier this month. The Brooklyn DA's office says, "Wright allegedly handed a gun to Breland before Breland fired several shots at Anthony Hennis, his intended target. He missed his target, but one of the bullets went through the stroller, striking Antiq in the head, killing him."

Anthony Hennis is apparently a known gang member, and Breland had reportedly bragged, "I shot that motherf---ker," thinking he hit the father. But when he learned he shot the baby, he and Wright fled to Pennsylvania where they were arrested.

In a jailhouse interview, Breland told the Daily News, "Remorse doesn’t even describe what I feel. I feel a lot. I love kids, I wanted to be a father. Now there’s no time. I think about my present, my past, my future. I would’ve changed things beginning in elementary school. I would’ve taken a different path."

One of his former middle school teachers, Brandy Zadrozny, wrote in the Daily Beast today about how he was her favorite student and how she and other teachers wanted to help him:

“He was the kind of kid that you felt like you could make a difference if you just kept a constant eye on him,” a former teacher of his told me as we talked about Daquan over Facebook. And we tried. Daquan was always in the principal’s office having heart-to-hearts. “How can we reach Daquan?” mini-meetings would convene weekly.

A history teacher tried to get him involved in football and sometimes went to his home to check in with his mother. I would try to mediate his feuds with other teachers or the more authoritarian vice principal before they blew up. Anything to keep him there....

“You’re not their mom, but for that season, you kind of are a mother, especially when you’re teaching a male student and you see him struggling,” one of his former female teachers told me. “It’s a weird feeling, because part of you says, ‘He’s the killer, why would you feel bad for him?’ But as his teacher, I just love him, even after all these years.”

Breland eventually dropped out. Zadrozny says she tried to contact his mother (no one answered her door) and speak to him in jail, "After the Daily News exclusive, Department of Corrections seemed especially guarded with his whereabouts. His inmate records say he's been "released to another jurisdiction" and despite numerous calls, no one at the DOC could tell me where he was being held or if he was still at Rikers."

Anthony Hennis has not cooperated with the police in the investigation, but he did offer to speak to reporters if they gave him some money.