There was finally a winner in the 12-state Mega Millions lottery. Actually, there are at least two winners that will split the $370 million payout. Alas, the winning tickets were not sold in New York, but in Cape May County in Southern Jersey and in Georgia. It's still possible that there are other winners as final results from California aren't available yet. The Mega Millions website says the delay is due to the "unprecedented number" of tickets sold. If you haven't checked your tickets yet, the winning numbers were 16-22-29-39-42 with a Mega Ball of 20.

While there wasn't a first place ticket sold in New York, there were 8 second place place tickets sold here. Those tickets, which match five numbers and not the Mega Ball, are good for $250,000 each. Before you throw out your ticket, you should know there are prizes for matching combinations of numbers. If you have the Mega Ball only, you get a whopping $2 payout.

This is the first time someone won the first place prize since January 9th.

Photo of YoLANDA Vega announcing the winning numbers at last night's drawing by AP/Shiho Fukada