Two jet skiers disappeared off the coast of Sea Gate (the far western end of Coney Island) last night after one of them toppled into the water and the other apparently leaped in to help.

The pair—44-year-old William Tom and a 26-year-old CiCi Lin—vanished into the water near W.33rd Street and Bayview Avenue just after 8 p.m., the Daily News reports. Shore-bound friends and family said Lin, who couldn't swim and wasn't wearing a life vest, fell off the craft after a tight turn. Tom dove in in attempt to rescue her, but ultimately, both disappeared.

Despite hours of searching, rescuers have failed to locate either Tom or Lin. A police spokesperson confirmed that both are still missing as of this morning.

“He gave his life for her," said another friend, who was planning to take a spin on the ski next. "He could have cut her loose but he didn’t."