Two people were injured and one person was arrested for drunk driving after an accident in Brooklyn early this morning. The incident took place around 12:25 a.m., when a black Toyota hit a minivan at the corner of Graham Avenue and Montrose Avenue. Police say Mandy Romen, 31, was visibly intoxicated at the scene, and was arrested for driving while drunk.

Two passengers in the Toyota were unhurt, and two male victims in the minivan were taken to the hospital; their injuries were not life threatening. An eyewitness who took the above photo told us the accident was even more complicated than the police's version. According to the witness, the three people in the Toyota initially fled the scene on foot after the crash, but were chased down by onlookers and brought back.

Initially, all three claimed they had been driving. The police placed a man who identified himself as a Marine into a cop car, but let him go after Romen identified himself as the real driver. Nevertheless, the Marine kept yelling at the officers, "calling them pussies...The cops were saying that they were going to take the marine to the "house" and charge him with 'disorderly conduct.' He was gonna be let go, but he was just yelling at the cops."