2006_08_flalicense.jpgA second hit-and-run occured yesterday, caused the second hit-and-run fatality this weekend. James "Smoker" Rucker, a 47 year old, was hit by two cars - one traveling north and the other traveling south - when he was crossing Amsterdam Avenue at West 123rd Street. Rucker, who the Post describes as "running" across the street at 4:47AM, was pronounced dead the hospital. The car traveling north, which only hit him, stayed on the scene, while the second car, which ran him over, fled, and the police are looking for it.

On Friday night, a couple crossing Ninth Avenue at 28th Street around 8PM was hit by a speeding car. The husband, Roger Roth, was killed, after being thrown by the impact. His wife, Diane, is in intensive care. Police released the Florida license plate of the gray Honda that hit them. A niece told the NY Times that the Mount Kisco couple had dinner every Friday in the city.