Two men were found fatally shot, and a third wounded, early this morning in Long Island. Police say that two of the victims, who were in their 20s, were found sitting in a 1998 Nissan Altiman around 2:50 a.m. this morning; both were pronounced dead at the scene in Brentwood. "This is usually a very quiet area, nothing like this," John Rueb III told Newsday.

A third man in a nearby car also had been shot, but his injuries were not life threatening. Witness Eliseo Collado said nothing seemed amiss when he got home from driving a limo around 1 a.m.—he heard gun shots when he woke up to use the bathroom: "I heard two shots, like pop, pop. It sounded like it was far." Neighbor Tom Horrmann also was awoken by shots: "I heard two sets of gunshots, separately, and I just laid awake hoping something wasn't coming through my window. I have two kids. Bullets don't have names."

Newsday describes the neighborhood where the shooting took place as "a tidy middle-class area where neighbors chip in money to mow the front yard of a foreclosed home and Christmas decorations cover the lawns and eaves of homes." Local Vickie Ruiz agrees that the shooting is out of character: "We don't ever see a car crash here...I got a feeling they were chased here from somewhere."