Pulitzer Prize committee take note, the Times has discovered that June has been rainy and that people don't go to the beach when it rains. It has rained a lot the past couple of weeks. How does that rain compare to previous Junes? Let's make a graph of day-by-day rainfall accumulation!

Through yesterday June has received 5.32 inches of rain, which is wetter than the average since 1999 but not all that unusual. 2009 has the third wettest first-half of June in the past decade, just edging out 2007 (not depicted). Note that this month is off the pace set by 2003, the wettest June on record, and behind 2006, which started off really wet but then went dry for two straight weeks. That last bit is the takeaway message: The rainfall hose can turn off or on very rapidly. Also of note: The 1999 data is wrong! We noticed a discrepancy in the climate records, and reported it to the Feds, but didn't get the correction until just moments ago. There should be a couple more blips in the line but it was still the driest June since that time.

No rain today as high pressure is keeping things dry and cool. Don't worry, the rain returns late tonight. Look for a daylong soaking tomorrow and a high only in the mid 60s. Warmer weather, with highs in the upper 70s, will be here for the weekend. There will also be, you guessed it, a not ignorable chance of showers and thunderstorms through Monday.