WABC 7 has Newscopter 7 footage of two dogs that ran onto the Major Deegan Expressway and reports: "Just before 6:30 a.m., a 9-year-old male yellow lab chow mix ran onto the Major Deegan Expressway and was hit by a car at exit 3. That's when another dog ran to the rescue, right there on the busy highway. Like a protective parent, the dog wouldn't let anyone near. Barking at traffic and police, even as they tried to help." The police eventually managed to get the injured dog into a cruiser and tried to catch the other dog, but the pup took off. The injured dog, who has a broken leg and maybe internal bleeding, was taken to Animal Car & Control in East Harlem. The dogs' owner called AC&C after seeing the pooches on TV and picked up the injured dog and took him to the an animal hospital (he said the other dog was back at home).