The NYPD was rocked by the murders of two police detectives by an ex-con they were investigating on Friday night. Marlon Legere, a 28 year old man, had been fighting with his mother and taken keys to her car. The mother, Melva Legere, then called the police because she was worried that the unlicensed Marlon would get into an accident. When Detective Robert Parker and Patrick Rafferty went to the East Flatbush home to confront Legere, who then grabbed one of their guns and shot them both. The detectives shot back, but were gravely injured; Detective Parker managed to call 911 and tell the dispatcher the murderer was the man in the mugshot on their dashboard; police officers, squad cars, and helicopters descended in Brooklyn to apprehend Legere who was trying to get away. Legere had been at a girlfriend's house, telling her his wounds were from a confrontation with the Bloods but then admitting he shot police officers; she kicked him out. Legere nows faces murder charges.

Melva Legere is "deeply sorry" about the detectives' deaths and said, "If I thought it would reach to that stage, I never would have called," noting her son was afraid to go back to prison; Mrs. Legere had called the police before about her son, and had previously discussed her concerns about her sons with Detective Parker, a second-grade detective. Now the question is why Legere was out of prison, based on his record. The detectives were in plain clothes and not wearing bulletproof vests. Parker and Rafferty were well liked, with 22 and 15 years on the force respectively, by their peers and by the community.