An awful incident unfolded last night on Staten Island's Hylan Boulevard near Seacrest Avenue when a BMW SUV heading north suddenly jumped the divider into the south-bound side. The State Island Advance reports, "The ambulance, an SIUH vehicle, headed south with a patient and two paramedics, swerved but couldn't avoid the collision."

The impact of the 7 p.m. crash apparently ejected the SUV's driver, Benjamin Budzaku, from the car, killing him. The ambulance's driver, retired FDNY EMS lieutenant David Restuccio, 58, who was a paramedic for Staten Island University Hospital, was trapped in the vehicle and died at SIUH. Restuccio's partner, Yusuke Yonehara, and the patient already inside the ambulance had minor injuries.

The accident is being investigated. A witness who was heading south in another car told the Advance, "The BMW was on the other side of the street. He jumped the divider. The ambulance tried to swerve to avoid getting hit, but the BMW hit the ambulance and the ambulance flipped over. The guy got thrown from the car. I saw him fly through the air."

Another EMT who lived near the scene told the Daily News, "He was there, fighting for his life. He was screaming, 'Help! Help! Save me!' It was hard to watch. It was agonizing... You can't do a thing. He knew his situation. He's a professional. He knew he was pinned. He knew he didn't have a lot of time left... It was hard to watch one of our own like that. The other driver didn't deserve to die. But he was going pretty fast."

Restuccio was with FDNY EMS for 25 years until 2006. Here is Restuccio discussing the response on September 11, 2001 with Brian Williams: