Firefighters were called to a building on Roosevelt Avenue in Flushing, Queens yesterday afternoon to battle a fire that started on the third floor in a private immigration office. But once the fire was put out, police found a man in his 40s with his throat slashed, leading them to suspect arson and possibly a botched murder-suicide. Police pulled a second man from the building, and suspected him of killing the first.

The second man was transported to Booth Memorial Hospital, where he later died. Police suspect the two men got into an argument over paperwork and one slashed the other man's throat before starting the fire. The Daily News reports that one of the men, though they didn't specify who, was identified as Chang-Xin Hu, 42, of Flushing. Police are also looking for a third person, who allegedly ran out of the building but alerted the yoga studio on the second floor of the building about the fire.

Queens Assemblywoman Grace Meng said, "We've had many horrific crimes this year. It makes the community feel very uneasy," but many locals say they aren't surprised. One woman told NY1, "I've lived here for 30 years and it's getting progressively worse...I don't even come down Roosevelt anymore."