Two people died when their car crashed during a police chase last night on I-78, 40 minutes west of Newark. At around 8:40 p.m., New Jersey state troopers tried to pull over the driver of the Honda heading westbound on the road in Berkley Heights, and when he failed to stop, they gave chase for three miles, according to the state police. The driver lost control and veered off the right shoulder into some woods, and he and his male passenger died in a crash there. Troopers have not released the men's identities and have not said why they might have been running.

The same stretch of I-78 was the scene of another, unrelated crash, in which a driver hit someone on foot. The driver in that crash was airlifted to Morristown Memorial Hospital, and paramedics drove the pedestrian there in an ambulance, according to the state police. No trooper was directly involved in either crash, the police said. A stretch of the westbound side of the interstate was closed last night as police investigated.