Just after 7 a.m. this morning, an out-of-control SUV careened across numerous lanes of the Hutchinson Parkway, striking two more cars. Police say two people were killed and other were injured.

According to the NYPD's preliminary information (the investigation is still ongoing), a black SUV was going northbound on the Hutch near Orchard Beach Road. The SUV's driver lost control and went across the lanes and through the guardrail. It entered the southbound land and hit two cars, a livery cab and a white car (which looks like a SUV). The livery cab's two occupants were DOA at the scene while an occupant of the black SUV and the white car were taken to Jacobi Hospital.

There are reportedly two others with minor injuries who were treated at the scene. One witness said, "The van flipped over the guardrail and took the top of the limo off with the driver and passengers in the limo. That’s all I know, so it’s pretty devastating.”