The feds have arrested two Drug Enforcement Agency agents, saying they lied on security clearance forms by failing to disclose their co-ownership of Twins Plus Go-Go Lounge in South Hackensack, New Jersey. Such agents are required to disclose outside employment, in part to weed out people who might associate with criminals or be at risk of blackmail, according to the U.S. Attorney's Office.

There was allegedly plenty of sordid, criminal activity happening at Twins, where prosecutors say the agents, Glen Glover and David Polos, knowingly employed undocumented immigrants from Russia and Brazil as strippers, and where the dancers occasionally had sex with patrons and staff for cash.

Polos is a 24-year veteran of the agency and retired last month as supervisor of an organized crime task force working in New York, prosecutors said. Glover had been working for the DEA as an ID specialist since 1998, and at one point worked directly under Polos there. The two allegedly filled out security clearance forms in 2011 and didn't mention their connection to Twins.

Glover helped set up a company called SA&G Corp. in 2010 to buy the club with partners, prosecutors said. Shortly thereafter, prosecutors said Polos bought into the company for $50,000, and the partners purchased the establishment for $180,000. (New Jersey law bans "adult entertainment establishments" that serve alcohol from showing nipples, but the complaint notes that Twins has been cited for lewdness, and "from my review of surveillance footage ... New Jersey's rules regarding the coverage of private areas have not always been observed." These must have been some weird times at the FBI office.)

Glover and Polos then oversaw a renovation of the club, and managed it regularly after clocking out of their Manhattan office at 5 pm, according to the complaint. The pair purportedly had a surveillance system set up at the jiggle joint that they monitored while on the government clock. Glover kept his law enforcement background quiet, but Polos flaunted it, telling people he worked for the FBI, wearing a bulletproof vest into the place, and once flashing his gun during an argument with a fellow manager, according to the complaint.

"This is the boss," he supposedly said, pointing to the weapon. "I am the boss."

From 2011 to 2014, the business brought in $600,000 in cash deposits, the complaint says, and one Yelp user, Anthony E, "Lodi NJ only Pro Poker player!", described it as "AWSOME." Some of the income came from $10-$30 nightly fees the club charged dancers to perform.

Glover, prosecutors said, once chastised a bouncer for being too aggressive in looking into the private rooms to stop any sexual activity. He later allegedly texted a fellow manager, "It's nice to see your not checking the lap dance room condoms everywhere."

The complaint gets bleaker. In an email, a co-manager jokes about a visiting exterminator killing the African-American dancers who work at the club, writing, "Maybe he can eliminate some of the colored girls?" In response, Glover allegedly wrote, "You can get rid of all the black girls if you want to go find other ones first." The club's owners also allegedly let a Brazilian dancer work double shifts because "they knew she needed the money to pay back the smugglers" who brought her into the U.S.

Disclosure of their role running the club would likely have ended their employment with the DEA, the complaint states. Both suspects face as many as five years in prison. Attorney Cathy Fleming told Pix11 she’s confident Glover will be vindicated. Polos's attorney didn't answer reporters' calls.

A bouncer at the club, reached by phone today, said he as bewildered by the news and doesn't know how it will affect the business.

"I didn’t even hear about it until reporters started showing up," Devin Hall said.

Hall said he knows a man named Glen who sometimes comes to work at the club, and that he had heard he works in law enforcement, "but I don't know anybody's status like that." He also denied knowing anything about strippers' immigration status. Contrary to another Yelp review, he emphatically stated that no one is having sex in the club. Well, sort of emphatically.

"That I can tell you is not happening because that's actually part of my job to look for stuff like that," he said. "And we have cameras up, so I know for a fact that isn't happening. At least not while I'm here."