They say it's hard out there for a pimp, but it seems like its much harder for a prostitute these days: two Craigslist prostitutes were attacked and robbed by the same man in separate incidents in the past week. The attacks took place at the upscale Roosevelt and Wellington hotels; both victims fought their attacker, and one was slashed with a knife, while the other was put into a choke hold and left unconscious by the robber.

In the first incident, which took place on April 30, the john walked into the 24-year-old hooker's room at the Wellington on Seventh Ave. in the middle of the afternoon, pulled out a knife, and demanded her money. She tussled with him, was slashed on her hand, and he escaped with a wad of cash and a couple cell phones. In the second attack, last Sunday, the same john went to a room inside the Roosevelt on E. 45th St. after making an appointment online with a 30-year-old hooker; he again pulled out his blade and demanded cash; she fought back, and he knocked her out in a choke hold. He then fled with cash, cell phones and a laptop, meeting an accomplice in the elevator.

Police released a picture of the suspect with his accomplice, taken from the elevator. In February, a hooker from was also assaulted in a midtown hotel, and hit over the head with a hammer. And police have been hunting for the Long Island Serial Killer, who is suspected of killing several hookers and dumping their bodies in Gilgo Beach.