Yesterday's pandemonium at McCarren Park Pool resulted in two officers being sent to Bellevue with minor injuries. Police were called to intervene at the pool around 5:15 p.m. after a group of rowdy bathers began doing backflips and diving into the pool, and lifeguards were unable to control them. When cops tried to eject the swimmers, they retaliated, and one officer was punched in the face. The NYPD tells us a second officer sustained a wrist injury during the skirmish—both were treated and released.

"He punched him squarely in the face," an officer at the scene told A Walk in the Park. "He really let loose. He's gonna be sore." Sources also tell Geoffrey Croft that some of the people involved in the melee may be members of the notoriously violent MS-13 gang.

One witness told us yesterday that "all hell broke loose. I heard a giant roar, and all of a sudden a bunch of kids were running and doing backflips into the pool." Three people were arrested according to the NYPD: Rodolfo Torres, 20, Carlos Carmago, 17, and Jose Carmago 18. We're told all three were charged with assault on an officer, disorderly conduct, and inciting to riot.

Michael Dockett, Assistant Commissioner of Urban Park Service, issued a statement saying, "Today at McCarren Pool, three youths were arrested after ignoring orders from lifeguards and security to stop running and diving into water less than five feet deep, and several others were escorted out by police officers. The pool remained open. Every day since opening, the pool has operated at full, 1500-person capacity throughout the day. Parks Enforcement Patrol is present at all large City pools, and visitors who repeatedly violate the rules lose their right to use them."

On Friday, a lifeguard was assaulted during another brawl at the pool, which just opened Thursday with great fanfare. The fun starts again today at 11 a.m., be sure to line up early!