Two Chase bank locations in Manhattan spat out shoddy forgeries of twenty dollar bills yesterday, despite technical safeguards intended to prevent counterfeit distribution. ATM's were shorted over $100,000 at Chase locations on West 57th Street and on Ninth Avenue, according to the Times, which reports that an employee of the company that stocks the machines is wanted for questioning.

The current theory is that the counterfeit bills were not intended to fool anyone besides the machines, possibly to give the suspect enough time to leave the country with the $100K that the fake bills replaced. The unidentified suspect, a 26-year-old man who works for NCR Corporation, a company that services bank ATM's, is currently in the Dominican Republic, investigator tell the Times.

Most of the fake bills were caught by the ATM's and separated from the real bills, but some slipped through yesterday. One customer at each bank received the fake bills, which are blank on one side, while making a withdrawal—each immediately reported it to bank employees. In a statement, JPMorgan Chase said, “We are working to get all the facts and don’t want to come to any conclusions too early. Obviously, all of our customers who withdrew money will be made whole." Oh Chase, you complete us.