Two boys in upstate New York were buried under a seven-foot pile of snow for four hours yesterday before rescuers were unable to unearth them.

The pair, aged 9 and 11-years-old, were playing in a snow drift near an apartment complex in Newburgh when they became trapped, possibly after the driver of a plow accidentally drove a mountain of snow on top of them, the Times reports.

Their concerned parents called the police after the boys failed to materialize for their 10 p.m. curfew. A massive search was launched, and an officer canvassing the area finally found the two around 2 a.m. after noticing a shovel jutting out the snow mound. He began digging and eventually located a small boot.

From there, nearly 20 others joined the rescue effort, digging frantically for the boys with both shovels and bare hands.

"It was all just really adrenaline," an officer who assisted with the rescue told NBC New York. " I wasn't thinking much. Just trying to get to the kids."

Upon beginning to dig, rescuers and passersby were able to free the boys in around 15 minutes. Though neither appeared injured, they were taken to a hospital for observation. They were reportedly saved by several air pockets formed in the heavy snow.