Let's paraphrase what we wrote yesterday: How is it again, with Deputy Mayor Dan Doctoroff and Transportation Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan riding their bikes, that NYC remains a bike-unfriendly city? Yesterday, two bicyclists died in separate incidents in Brooklyn and the Bronx. At 9AM, 18-year-old Luis Ramos was biking to his job at George's Spanish and American Restaurant when a woman opened her car door in his path on Flushing Avenue near Beaver Street. The Post describes that "Ramos slammed into the door, flew over his handlebars and fell into traffic, where a school bus ran over him." Ramos' brother Lucas had been biking about two blocks behind him and saw the police at the scene. He said, "I ran over to him to hug him. But the cops told me not to touch him." Ramos was pronounced dead at Woodhull Hospital and the police did not issue any summons.

And in the Bronx yesterday afternoon, 30-year-old Juan Solis was killed while riding his bike on East Gun Hill Road. The NY Times reports that Solis was "trying to ride around a car that was double-parked when a white box-type truck, going east, hit him at high speed and fled the scene." Solis was pronounced dead at Jacobi Medical Center and the police are trying to determine the truck's license plate number.

Transportation Alternatives has a flyer that explains how drivers and bicyclists both can give respect and get respect from each other (PDF).