Cops have confiscated plenty of weapons, exotic animals, dirt bikes, and banging sound systems in the past, but this may be a first: police in the Bronx responding to a domestic violence call discovered and confiscated what can only be described as one set of Wolverine's claws. Like, the ones that go snikt! As the cops later tweeted: "Let's start with the obvious. We did not arrest Wolverine."

The incident happened last Saturday when cops were called to an apartment on Villa Avenue in the Jerome Park area for a report of an in-progress domestic assault. In addition to the three-blade hand claw, they also found a machete, a handgun, bullets and narcotics.

Two people were arrested: Anthony Ditta, 41, about whom the Post says "had scratches on his face, neck and chest;" and Yelitza Garcia, 37, about whom the Post says "had an apparent bite mark on her cheek and bruising to her arms." Ditta was charged with criminal possession of a weapon, reckless endangerment, assault and unlawful possession of marijuana; Garcia was charged with criminal possession of a weapon and assault.

One of their neighbors was less-than-pleased with the commotion: “I’m trying to get off this block,” witness Steve Knowland told the Post. “This block went quickly from sugar to shit since I moved in five years ago.”

This wasn't the only major weapon the cops confiscated last weekend: