Remember last week when a menacing group dropped some Project Mayhem action on the Williamsburg American Apparel? Or... so it was rumored. The company has now given us a little update, saying:

"About 20 small windows were broken by a group of people on Thursday around midnight. The piece of metal used to smash them was left behind, a few mannequins were scuffed, and nothing was stolen. The police apprehended and arrested two people later that night, a man and a woman, and we'll likely proceed by attempting to be reimbursed for the destroyed property.

As far as anything goes regarding a black-clad hipster uprising or mobs of angry retail protesters terrorizing Brooklyn, there hasn't been anything to confirm this apart from a few blog comments. Most retailers have a brush with vandalism at some point, which although unfortunate, is just a reality of being in business. As it stands, this appears to be one of those instances."

Not so fast! Could black-clad hipsters be confused with black-clad communists? Bring those perps into the "interrogation room," Dov Charney, because the photos from that recent American Apparel protest show the angry rioters also wearing... all black.