A fire that ripped through a two story building on Fulton Street in Cypress Hills on Saturday revealed an illegal marijuana growing operation, FDNY officials said. No one was injured in the two-alarm blaze, which started around 10:30 a.m. at 3232 Fulton Street, a building sandwiched between a Papa John's and a clothing store called Denisse Boutique.

Approximately 100 firefighters responded to the scene, which was brought under control shortly after noon. The cause of the fire remains under investigation.

Police were later seen removing plants in plastic bags from the premises and packing them into an NYPD van.

FDNY Deputy Assistant Chief Fred Schaaf said "the building had extensive damage to the first floor and there was also damage inside the cellar."

It's unclear whether the equipment used to sustain a marijuana growing operation was responsible for the blaze. Fire marshals and the NYPD are now investigating the suspected grow house. No arrests have been made as of Sunday.

People who work on the block told the NY Post they have "smelled a skunky odor" emanating from the building for years. One local restaurateur said she called police to report the building almost two dozen times.

"I've been here like eight years and all the time it's the smell of weed," Noreklin Alvarez told the tabloid. "Sometimes it smells very strong, so I call the police to check what happened, but they never find out what is going on."

An automated message at the Papa John's informed callers that the establishment would be closed today.