You might think to yourself, no human being could possibly "throw out" two adorable dogs like the two above—but unfortunately, you'd be very wrong. Fred and Ginger, a pair of West Highland terrier mixes, were rescued after being dumped in a Bronx garbage heap recently.

The pups, who are believed to be around 2-years-old, were spotted in a duffel bag next to a pile of trash on Commonwealth Avenue between Bronx River Avenue and Mansion Street on September 16th. Workers from Animal Care and Control said they were covered with pressure sores and maggots, and incapable of standing on their own.

“AC&C is working with the Bronx DA’s Office to try to find out who is responsible for this,” said Julie Blank, director of Animal Care and Control. Both are expected to make a full recovery thankfully: “In the meantime, we’re making sure Fred and Ginger receive the best veterinary care possible and are determined to find them a loving home," she told DNAInfo.

They should be available for adoption in the next few weeks—If you're interested in adopting the poor pups, or have any other information about the incident, contact AC&C at