A deaf woman was allegedly abducted in Williamsburg early Monday morning, and two people have been arrested and charged with attempting to prostitute her. Steven Benoit, 25, and Jasmine Wilkins, 19, were arrested for allegedly kidnapping the 28-year-old woman, who hasn't been identified. “They told her to be a prostitute, and she wanted no part of it. They were punching her in the face and pulling her hair," the victim's grandmother, Grace Schenk, told the Post.

The alleged victim told police she was walking back to her grandmother’s apartment at about 2 a.m. Monday after having a fight with her boyfriend when Benoit and Wilkins grabbed her and threw her in the back of their van. Police say they drove the victim to several locations trying to force her into prostitution—to "work" for Benoit. When she refused, Benoit allegedly beat her; the beating was captured on surveillance video at a hotel at Atlantic and Jamaica Avenue, which police later used to find the attackers car.

A few hours after her abduction, the victim was able to escape to a post office where Postal police contacted the NYPD, and police tracked down Benoit and Wilkins soon after. Benoit is charged with kidnapping, robbery, assault, criminal obstruction of breathing and menacing, while Wilkins is charged with kidnapping and robbery. Hopefully Benoit and Wilkins aren't planning to sue their victim for breach of made-up oral contract.