Trolls come in many forms, be it oxycodone-enriched radio blowhards, classy used car salesmen, or diminutive mayors—but there ain't no troll like a pasty, bearded internet troll hellbent on bringing the pwnage. To that end, one very passionate Mets fan has been arrested and charged for sending a series of threatening tweets to Mets executives, players, coaches, and even Citi Field.

Aryn Leroux, 42, was arrested today in West Haven for the alleged threats, which included a "specific threat" to Citi Field. He has been charged with threatening in the second degree and breach of peace. According to Richard MacLeod, Leroux is none other than notorious Mets Twitter troll @danXtanna (who deleted his profile around 4 p.m. this afternoon). MacLeod writes:

Over the past season, “Tanna” had run-ins with Mets players publicly and not-so publicly, making specific threats towards players, staff and the ballpark. While I won’t say specifically what the threats were, know that they were serious enough to warrant police attention.

Some Deadspin commenters took note of some of the offending tweets, including ones in which he wanted to fight pitcher Jon Rauch, mocked Justin Turner's girlfriend, threatened to poison patrons of Citi Field attending Mike Piazza's Hall Of Fame Induction, and threatened to ram into certain officials in their cars.

Here are two typical tweets: “tomorrow is Friday the 13th… lets get a gang of us to wear Jason Vorhees masks to Citi-Field and go skin us a GM-Owner-Manager” and “think of it… it would be the lead story on CNN…. #mets fans kill the team owner-gm-manager. before they kill us #selfdefense.” So for the most part, it seems like typical, if violent, troll garble. You'd think this fan would know by now that his efforts are unnecessary—the Mets are their own worst trolls.