That 18-year-old from Long Island who ran onto Citi Field during the All Star Game—after he got 1,000 Retweets of his Tweet saying that he'd run onto the field if he got over 1,000 RTs—was arraigned yesterday in Queens for interfering with a professional sporting event (thanks a lot, Calvin Klein). The Post reports that Dylan McCue-Masone "was released on his own recognizance, his annoyed mom by his side."

McCue-Masone had been at the game with his dad, who had no idea his son was planning the stunt. His father told the Daily News that his son did ask him what would happen:

“I told him, ‘They’d probably arrest you,’” Mason said.

Dylan went back to watching and live-tweeting the game, then told his Dad he had to go to the bathroom.

"I gave him twenty bucks,” Mason recalled. “(I) told him he could get a snack if he wanted."... As he watched his youngest son getting thrown onto the grass with a grin on his face, only one thought sprang to Bob Mason’s mind. “My ex-wife is going to kill me,” he thought.

The kid's older brother said, "It was the Twitter peer pressure. I didn't think he was really gonna do it," but then admitted, "Once he tweeted it, me and his best friend started blowing it up on Twitter. And the next thing you know it was 500 retweets, then 750, it just started going like crazy."

McCue-Masone had Tweeted images of text messages from his mother urging him not to run onto the field, but he did it anyway. His mother told the Post, “At first, I thought it was funny that he’d be doing this, then I texted him and told him not to do it because he could get arrested... I was at home watching the game when they announced a fan on the field, and then I panicked."

Others who have run onto fields during games have been banned from those stadiums. It's unclear if MLB will ban McCue-Masone from all professional baseball fields since he did it during an All Star Game.