Last month, Mayor Bloomberg told radio show host John Gambling that he just doesn't get the Twitter machine. His aides maintain his Twitter account for him, and in his opinion it's all just a bunch of trivial nonsense. This opinion was based on his boring friend's use of Twitter to announce, "I'm going to the bank right now," and "I think I'll have coffee." Bloomberg said, "And you wonder, No. 1... why does anybody care? Why do people, why would you look at it?" But now the mayor is counting on Twitter to help prevent another "royal screw-up" on Election Day.

"There is no excuse for mistakes or poor management at polling sites, and so we are asking all New Yorkers to report any problems they experience on Election Day," Bloomberg said during his weekly radio address yesterday. "You can call 311. Or, if you're a Twitter user, simply tweet your experience using #nycvotes." (If you have problems at the bank or with your coffee, please use the hashtag #nycwhines.)

Last week, the Board of Elections surrendered to the shitstorm of criticism that followed the Primary day voting snafus and fired its executive director. In case you missed out on the fun on Primary Day, tomorrow's election will be the city's second stab at using optical scan voting machines. Here's how it works: you'll be given a paper ballot and directed to a table with blinders on three sides; there you fill in the dots for the politician of your choice. Make sure to flip the ballot over to vote on new term limits proposal! Then it's over to the scanning machine, where your vote will be scanned, with the help of a poll worker if necessary. Polls open at 6 a.m. and close at 9 p.m., and here's a handy list of some of the obstacles you may encounter along the way.