Photo of the Twin Towers in Beijing's World Park.

Infinite emails (all from the same source) flooded inboxes citywide last night (following a Reuters photo that was published) with messages pondering "how Americans would feel if they knew that just before the Olympics start, a theme park in Beijing still shows the Twin Towers standing in a NYC exhibit of mini models?" With many Americans already protesting the Olympic Games, this might not help the Chinese government's boffo P.R campaign.

The World Trade Center is still depicted in many things, however, and this particular model went up in World Park in 1995. Should the memory of the past skyline and all trinkets from the pre-9/11 era be destroyed by now? Think of all the snow globes, old photos and t-shirts out there. On the flip side, Curbed notes that even Legoland has replaced the Twin Towers with the Freedom Tower. Maybe now Bush will join in on the Olympic boycott, unless he sees this as an opportunity to reinvigorate his presidency by visiting the park and staging a miniature "Never Forget" ceremony, with a miniature bullhorn.