Two infant twin girls were found dead inside their family's apartment in southern New Jersey on Wednesday, after their mother called 911 to report the twins had turned "purple."

The twins' mother, a Camden County resident identified by ABC 6 as Alexandria Garnett, called 911 at around 8 a.m. yesterday morning, telling the dispatcher her 7-month-old babies were unable to breathe in her bedroom: "Oh my God, my twins, my twins, my twins are like purple. My kids, they're not breathing, they're not breathing, oh my God." She told the dispatcher she'd been trying to administer CPR for 15 minutes, but when EMTs showed up, they pronounced the infants dead at the scene.

"The grandmother was outside and she was pulling away from a police officer as he tried to talk to her," Ted Roberts, a neighbor, told the Courier-Post. "Then I saw the coroner take the two babies out. It was so sad to see that."

Friends and neighbors told reporters they had seen no indication anything was medically amiss with the infants. "[E]everyone seemed fine, healthy, no sickness," family friend Tasia Mayweather told the Courier-Post.

Neighbor Alice Shields told ABC, "I can tell you they were beautiful children, they are wonderful people and that mother loved those kids. She loves those kids, and I can't imagine how you could lose two babies like that and survive."

Local police are investigating the babies' deaths.